Seawolves: Pirates & the Scots

Birlinn Press (July 2005). Hardback & Paperback, illustrated, 223 pages.

During the turn of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, many Scots sought their fortune on the high seas. Some became well-respected pirate hunters, others suffered terribly at the hands of pirates – many of whom were once their kinsmen.

In this meticulously researched and authoritative book, Eric Graham explores all the elements of Scotland’s connections with piracy, including the infamous piracy trial that triggered the Act of Union of 1707. The explosive, blood-strewn rampage of the ‘black-flag’ pirates was a social phenomenon that mesmerised the public of the day, gave the bankrupt Daniel Defoe a dubious living as a reporter and later inspired Robert Louis Stevenson. Here Graham charts the life and times of those who followed the ‘skull and cross bones’, as often as not, to the gallows.

Seawolves: Pirates and the Scots presents a gripping, alternative and darker insight into the first generation of Scots to venture out as ‘citizens of the world’.

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