The Luxury Private Steam Yachts built by Ramage & Ferguson of Leith before WW1

The Luxury Private Steam Yachts built by Ramage & Ferguson of Leith before WW1 is Eric’s latest article in the Scottish Local History Forum Issue 107, released September 2020.

  • Ramage & Ferguson as Builder of ‘bespoke’ yachts for the rich
  • The Yacht Designers
  • The New Market in Building Auxiliary Steam Yachts
  • Employment as Naval Vessels
  • Ramage & Ferguson yachts in American Ownership
  • After the War
  • The End of Steam Yacht Building
  • The End of Ramage & Ferguson as an independent yard
  • The Scientific Legacy

Leith Primary and Scotland’s Whaling Industry

Pupils from schools around Scotland delve into their local history and produce their own radio documentary. This week, taking over the microphones are the Primary 5 pupils of Leith Primary School in Edinburgh as they set out to discover more about their community’s links to Scotland’s whaling industry.

The story begins in Leith in 1750 as maritime historian Eric Graham tells of the first whalers to leave for the Arctic to hunt the Greenland whale. But it’s a journey that ends in the south, in the Antarctic, over two hundred years later as the pupils hear the memories first hand from some of the whalers who left Leith bound for South Georgia.

Black Minstrelsy in Scotland

City Arts Centre
Market Street
City Arts Centre

For Black History Month in October 2018 The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) and the City Art Centre would like to invite you to a series of afternoon talks that will give an insight into Scotland’s history. The talks are free and take place at The City Art Centre.

Dr Eric Graham will discuss the Black faced minstrel shows from America at a critical time in the battle for “hearts & minds” on the issue of slavery in the southern states of America – in the two decades prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. The great emancipation campaigner Frederick Douglass, then in Scotland, denounced the shows as rooted in racist bigotry.

Further info and booking here: