Kirkcaldy and the Whale

Conference for Kirkcaldy Civic Society.

Speakers include:
Dr Eric Graham: The Bounty Hunters and the Innuit
Dr. Rob David: The Story of the “Abram”, a Kirkcaldy Whaling Ship
Matt Ylitalo B.Sc. B.A. M. Litt: Steamships, Stowaways and Smithsonian Polar Bear
Sonja Heinrich: From Whaling to Whale Science – why whales matter and how we study them
Jo Woolf (RSGS): Shackleton\’s Trek for Life to the Graves of Whales
Also – Kirkcaldy\’s Beached Whales/Leith Harbour and Scottish Involvement in the Antartic 20th Century Whale Hunting

Tickets cost £10 and can be booked here: